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Why TasticAI ?

TasticAI was developed with the objective to simplify the world of artificial intelligence tools for our users. AI solutions are constantly emerging and it can feel overwhelming to navigate through the thousand of options available. That’s where TasticAI comes in. We have carefully organized a database of more than 7000 AI tools across over 50 categories ensuring that our users have a comprehensive resource at their fingertips. What sets us apart is our dedication to provide highly exaustive reviews for our visitors to make well informed decisions.

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Most Visited Categories of AI Tools

Tastic AI - AI tools
5 Articles

Essential AI tools

Welcome to TasticAI.com, the hub, for all your AI tool needs. Here we have a section dedicated to exploring the AI tools that are perfect…
Tastic AI - AI tools
2 Articles

AI Assistant

At TasticAI.com we have carefully gathered a collection of information to present compare and evaluate the AI Assistant tools available. Whether you are a working…
Tastic AI - AI tools
Welcome to TasticAI.com, your portal to the dynamic world of AI video creation tools. On this dedicated page, we present a curated selection of AI-powered…
Tastic AI - AI tools
9 Articles

AI Writing tools

If you're looking for help, with creating articles coming up with content or polishing your academic papers you've come to the right place. On this…
Tastic AI - AI tools
10 Articles

AI Startup Tools

Greetings! Thank you for joining us on our guide, to the AI tools suitable, for startups. Within this resource we will conduct an examination of…
Tastic AI - AI tools
3 Articles

AI Logo Generator

Welcome to TasticAI.com, the place, for discovering AI logo generator tools that make it easy to create captivating logos, for your brand or projects. On…
Tastic AI - AI tools
13 Articles

AI image generator

Welcome to TasticAI.com, the place where you can explore the realm of AI image generator tools that can turn your ideas into reality. This page…
Tastic AI - AI tools
Welcome to our guide, to the AI tools for Project Management. In this resource we will delve into the solutions that effectively incorporate artificial intelligence…

More AI tools

Reimagine Home – AI Powered Interior Design Tool

4.2 out of 5Try it !

REimagine Home is an design tool that harnesses the power of AI to provide personalized design concepts and inspiration, for home makeovers. This software utilizes AI algorithms to generate customized

Olga Odynets Olga Odynets 6 Min Read

Woebot Health – AI-powered mental health ally backed by clinical research.

A Comprehensive Review of Woebot Health A Comprehensive Review of Woebot Health Introduction to Woebot Health Woebot Health has combined

Olga Odynets Olga Odynets 4 Min Read

Booom.ai – Generate a trivia game using AI

Booom.ai Review: Revolutionizing Trivia Games with AI Introduction to Booom.ai Booom.ai is a game powered by artificial intelligence that brings

Olga Odynets Olga Odynets 4 Min Read

Roamaround – Find interesting and fun places to visit

Roam Around is a travel planner powered by AI aiming to enhance your travel experiences, with unforgettable journeys. It creates

3.6 out of 5

Murf AI Review: Transforming Text-to-Speech Technology

4 out of 5Great

Voiceovers play a role in enhancing the audiences experience whether its for multimedia presentations, audiobooks or podcasts.. That's where Murf AI comes in. This software has gained recognition for its

Olga Odynets Olga Odynets 10 Min Read

Looka – Your AI logo & Brand kit generator

For a company evolving in a competitive landscape, having a captivating logo and a distinctive brand image can make a

4 out of 5We like it

Pollinations – AI tools to generate images

Pollinations offers users the ability to create free of cost content, including audio, images, 3D objects, and to be released

3.8 out of 5

Synthesia – Create AI videos & Avatar from text

How Synthesia.io Works Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how Synthesia.io works: Key Features of Synthesia.io Main Features of Synthesia: Synthesia.io

4.4 out of 5EPIC
Create an Amazing Newspaper
Discover thousands of options, easy to customize layouts, one-click to import demo and much more.

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Tastic AI - 4000 Ai tools classified in 50 categories

TasticAI is an opensource database encompassing a collection of over 4,000 AI tools, meticulously categorized into more than 50 distinct categories. Researchers can access the CC0 1.0 Dataset on those websites : Harvard, Data Public Luxembourg, Data Gouv, University of Maine System, Goettingen Research